Canada's Anti-Spam Law (CASL) applies to all marketing and promotional emails. The definition of types of communications covered is broad. For example, that helpful eNewsletter that may not include a call to action or a sales pitch is covered. Further, the law applies to both domestic and foreign businesses (Hello my little American friends). In short, PAY ATTENTION because on July 1st the grace period that allowed businesses to rely on a prior relationship as the justification for sending electronic communications is coming to an end. As of July 1, express consent and expiry dates on implied consent will apply.

Since the publication of this 6s Marketing article the private right of action that the legislation contemplated has been shelved indefinitely BUT the penalties for breaching CASL remain serious (major fines). 

6s has done a thorough job of explaining the impact of the law and what you need to do to comply. The short your due diligence and document your consents. Assess your procedures, make sure they comply with CASL, and, as my colleague, Jeremy Hessing-Lewis said rather succinctly on LinkedIn, "Don't send people email if they haven't asked for it."